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WELCOME TO ARCHAEOWIKI, a community-based collaborative resource and discussion platform for archaeological subject matter.

JOIN THE COMMUNITY! ArchaeoWiki is in its infancy and we are actively looking for collaborators who wish to expand our pages into whatever subject matter interests and inspires them. Membership in ArchaeoWiki as a collaborator requires registration. Join now and be a part of the collaborating community!

GOT MEDIA? Archaeology is better in pictures. If you have high-quality pictures of an artifact type/assemblage, excavation photos, or drawings/sketches that would benefit a particular article, ArchaeoWiki is a great place to show off your inner artist and help others learn at the same time.

About ArchaeoWiki

If you are new to ArchaeoWiki, we recommend you start here. For general inquiries, please contact us at: [email protected]

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