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Culture(s) Arctic Small Tool Tradition
Pre-Dorset Palaeo-Eskimo
Temporal Period(s) Pre-Dorset Period

Summary Details

Borden Number: KkDn-2
Location: Near Iqaluit, Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada (Approx. 63° 44' 10" N, 68° 32' 46" W)
Period: Pre-Dorset Period (Milne 2003)
Date Range: circa 1600 BC


  • Helps define the distribution of early Palaeo-Eskimo occupation and artifact types in the Canadian Arctic

Research History

Site Discovery

  • First documented by Maxwell (1973), who performed limited surface and sub-surface investigations

Major Finds/Insights

  • Further investigated by Dekin (1970), Stenton (1987; 2000) and Milne (2000)
  • According to Milne (2003), the lithic assemblage shows no evidence of raw material scarcity
  • Based on the high proportion of burins, burin spalls, and scrapers, and the relatively low frequency of debitage, the primary activity on site was likely the working of hard organics, like antler, bone, and ivory.

Current Investigations


Formation and Occupational History

Material Culture

Milne (2003):

General Notes

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