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Author Schoenberg, K.M.
Year 1995
Title The Post-Paleoarctic Interval in the Central Brooks Range
Journal/Newsletter Arctic Anthropology
Volume 32
Issue 1
Pages 51-61
Abstract The Paleoarctic tradition was extant in the central Brooks Range of Alaska around 8000-10,000 B.P. It was followed 2000 years later, about 6000 B.P, by a variant of the Northern Archaic tradition. These two traditions have been defined on the basis of the differences between their respective lithic technologies. A review of the characteristics of each tradition is undertaken and local variants are discussed. A model of the culture history of this area, based on the sequence from Kurupa Lake, suggests that the central Brooks Range was occupied during the 2000 year interval between the Paleoarctic Tradition and Northern Archaic traditions by microblade and burin using peoples.

Schoenberg, K.M.
1995 The Post-Paleoarctic Interval in the Central Brooks Range. Arctic Anthropology 32(1):51-61.

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