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Author MacDonald, G.F.
Year 1983
Title Ninstints: Haida World Heritage Site
Publisher University of British Columbia Press
City Vancouver

MacDonald, G.F.
1983 Ninstints: Haida World Heritage Site. University of British Columbia Press, Vancouver.

MacDonald’s book, produced by the University of British Columbia Museum of Anthropology, includes a brief history of the Kunghit Haida of southern Haida Gwaii and a more detailed account of the post-contact history of SGang Gwaay, including accounts of specific interaction and events. A detailed account of the layout of the village is provided, including descriptions of the houses along with construction and structure types. The book also provides extensive descriptions of remaining mortuary columns and totem poles. MacDonald closes the book with an account of protective measures carried out at SGang Gwaay, including archaeological work done throughout the 20th century and the gaining of UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 1981. This book is especially noteworthy as a source as it is solely focused on the site of SGang Gwaay, while many other books utilised here merely discuss the village as a portion of a larger study of Haida Gwaii or the Kunghit Haida. The great amount of information and focus is then quite valuable for gaining a comprehensive understanding of SGang Gwaay.

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