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Author Ellis, C.J.; Wortner, S.; Fox, W.A.
Year 1991
Title Nettling: an Overview of an Early Archaic
Journal/Newsletter Canadian Journal of Archaeology
Volume 15
Pages 1-33

Ellis, C.J., S. Wortner and W.A. Fox
1991 Nettling: an Overview of an Early Archaic. Canadian Journal of Archaeology 15:1-33.

A large Early Archaic lithic assemblage from the Nettling site in Ontario is described. Although largely a surface collection from a ploughed field, the assemblage is quite homogeneous in terms of the tool forms represented and the stone sources employed and there is little evidence of non-Early Archaic occupations at the site. The tool assemblage has a very high percentage of Ohio cherts and, as a whole, duplicates almost exactly materials of the “Kirk Corner-Notched Horizon” (ca. 9500 to 8900 B.P.) in the southeastern United States, including corner-notched serrated points, expanding based drills, small dorsally flaked end scrapers, chipped celts with ground bits, ovate chopper/scrapers, etc. Several implications of the Nettling site assemblage are discussed pertaining to our understanding of the culture history and environmental coping strategies of the Early Archaic occupants of the lower Great Lakes era.

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