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Culture(s) Arctic Small Tool Tradition
Independence I
Temporal Period(s) Pre-Dorset Period

Summary Details

Borden Number: RbJu-1 (Upper Beaches Component)
Location: Port Refuge, Devon Island, Nunavut, Canada (Approx. 76° 17' 20" N, 94° 47' 10" W)
Period: Pre-Dorset Period (McGhee 1979)
Date Range: circa 2000 BC


  • Helps define the distribution of Independence I occupations and artifact types in the Canadian High Arctic

Research History

Site Discovery

  • Identified by McGhee in 1972 as part of the Port Refuge Project (1979)

Major Finds/Insights

  • 26 structural features along raised beaches between 20 and 24 metres above sea level

Current Investigations


Formation and Occupational History

All radiocarbon dates for this site are on driftwood and therefore should be assumed earlier than the occupation:

  • RCD: (Feature 16) 4360 +/- 90 BP (GSC-1940) (McGhee 1979)
  • RCD: (Feature 12) 4120 +/- 120 BP (GSC-1931) (McGhee 1979)
  • RCD: (Feature 21) 3480 +/- 140 BP (GSC-1949) (McGhee 1979)

Material Culture

General Notes

Site Map


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