Pig Point Site

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Culture(s)  ?
Temporal Period(s) Early Archaic Period
through Late Woodland Period

Summary Details

Site Code: 18AN50
Location: Near Bristol, Maryland, USA (Approx. 38° 48' 3" N, 76° 42' 24" W)
Period: Carbon-14 dates of multiple strata at this site show habitation in the following periods:

Date Range:


  • Helps define the distribution of Piscataway projectile points.
  • Oldest reported structures in Chesapeake region

Research History

Site Discovery

Major Finds/Insights

  • Partial outlines of oval "wigwam" structures, possibly the oldest structures reported in the Chesapeake region (Luckenbach et al. 2010)

Current Investigations

Formation and Occupational History

Material Culture

General Notes

Site Map

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