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Culture(s) Pre-Contact Aboriginal
Temporal Period(s) Early Archaic

Summary Details

Location: South of Rodney, Ontario, approximately 5 km from the shore of Lake Erie (Approx. 42° 31' 44" N, 81° 37' 16" W)
The Nettling site is situated in a ploughed agricultural field.
Period: Early Archaic Period
Date Range: 9500 BP to 8900 BP (Ellis et al. 1991)
Borden Number: AdHj-1


Type site for the Nettling projectile point type.

Research History

Site Discovery

  • Discovered by Stanley Wortner in 1965 as a surface scatter in a cultivated field (Ellis et al. 1991:2)

Major Finds/Insights

Past & Current Investigations

Ellis et al. 1991:

  • Surface collections taken throughout the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s
  • Marginal test unit excavation in 1967 & 1979

Formation and Occupational History

Material Culture

Ellis et al. 1991:

General Notes

Site Map

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