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Culture(s) Kirk Horizon
Temporal Period Early Archaic Period


Tranguloid, corner-notched points often exhibiting serration.


Basal Shape: Convex to concave
Hafting Modification: Corner-notching
Edge Shape: Excurvate to asymmetrical incurvate
Other Notes: Fox 1980:

  • 60% exhibit serration averaging 3-5 teeth per cm
  • Lenticular in cross-section


Source Fox 1980
Length R 29 mm - 60 mm
Width R 17 mm - 35 mm
Thickness R 4 mm - 7 mm
W/L Ratio no data
Inter-Notch Width R 10 mm - 20 mm


Fox 1980:

Technological Notes

Fox 1980:

  • Flat, broad flaking on faces
  • Asymmetrical edges on some specimens suggests use as a knife

Geographical Distribution

  • Most common in northeastern Lake Erie basin (Fox 1980)

Map of sites where Nettling specimens have been reported

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Note: In the interest of protecting our shared cultural heritage from those who would do it harm, intentional or otherwise, only approximate site locations are provided here.

Temporal-Cultural Affiliation

Early Archaic Period

Archaeological Contexts

Notable Sites/Components

  • The Nettling Site is the type site for this kind of projectile point

Similar Points Types

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