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Culture(s) Mississippian
Temporal Period Late Woodland Period
Early Contact Period


"Small, thin, triangular [projectile] points"(Scully 1951)

Alternative Names


Basal Shape: Slight concave to convex
Hafting Modification: None
Edge Shape: Slight incurvate to slight excurvate
Other Notes:

  • Near flat in cross section
  • Isosceles triangle (Justice 1995)
  • Variable shape in cross section


Source Scully 1951 Ritchie 1971 Justice 1995
Length R 0.5 in - 2.37 in
X 1 in
R 0.75 in - 1.56 in
D 1.125 in +/- 0.125 in
R 17 mm - 33 mm
X 26 mm
Width no data no data R 12 mm - 21 mm
X 16 mm
Thickness no data R 0.06 in - 0.19 in
X 0.125 in
R 3 mm - 6 mm
X 4 mm
L:W Ratio no data 1:1 to 2:1 no data


In New York State and southern Ontario, most points are made from Onondaga Chert (Ritchie 1971:34)

Technological Notes

Geographical Distribution

  • Throughout the eastern United States and southeastern Ontario (Ritchie 1971:34)

Temporal-Cultural Affiliation

Late Woodland Period to Early Contact Period (circa 800 AD to 1700 AD)

Map of sites where Madison specimens have been reported

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Note: In the interest of protecting our shared cultural heritage from those who would do it harm, intentional or otherwise, only approximate site locations are provided here.

Archaeological Contexts

Notable Sites/Components

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