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Culture(s)  ?
Temporal Period Late Archaic Period

Alternate Names

  • Ledbetter Stemmed


Large, asymmetric- and triangular-bladed, contracting-stemmed projectile point


Justice 1995:
Basal Shape:Flat
Hafting Modification: Contracting Stem
Edge Shape: bilateral parallel to asymmetrical recurvate
Other Notes:

  • Asymmetric blade common
  • Pronounced shoulder
  • Biconvex in section


Source Justice 1995
Length R 76 mm - 140 mm
X 127 mm
Width R 35 mm - 50 mm
X 45 mm
Thickness X 15 mm
W/L Ratio no data


Technological Notes

  • Asymmetric blade shape is the result of differential retouch, likely following use as a cutting implement.
  • Basal grinding is rare

Geographic Distribution

  • Alabama
  • Georgia
  • Mississippi
  • Kentucky
  • Missouri
  • Illinois
  • Indiana

Map of sites where Ledbetter specimens have been reported

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Note: In the interest of protecting our shared cultural heritage from those who would do it harm, intentional or otherwise, only approximate site locations are provided here.

Temporal-Cultural Affiliation

Archaeological Contexts

Notable Sites/Components

Similar Projectile Point Types

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