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Culture(s) Ancestral Interior Salish (?)
Temporal Period(s) Pre-Nesikep Period to Plateau Horizon

Summary Details

Borden Number: EdRi-11
Location: Near Ashcroft, British Columbia, Canada (Approx. 50° 35' 47" N, 121° 18' 33" W)
Period: Pre-Nesikep Period (ca. 8400 BP - Below Mazama Tephra); Early Nesikep Period (7500-6000 BP); Lochnore Phase (5500-3500 BP); Plateau Horizon (2400-1200 BP)
Date Range: circa 6400 BC to 800 AD


Rousseau 1989:

Research History

Site Discovery

Major Finds/Insights

Current Investigations

Formation and Occupational History

Material Culture

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