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Category: Container Glass
Alternate Names: Florida Water Bottle


Country of Origin: United States
Manufacture Date Range: 1830 to


General Description: Florida water in the late 19th century came in a very standard bottle shape that is tall and narrow, although it came in a number of sizes (Sullivan 1994). The bottle shape was also used for castor oil, the only way to tell the differance between the two bottles is embossed lettering or by paper labels.
Manufacturing Technique: Mold Blown
Container Color: Aqua, Green
Decorative Techniques: Embossed, Labelling


Florida Water is a type of 'scented spirit' or 'medicinal water' sold almost exclusively in North America. Florida Water is essentially fragrent oils defused in an alcohol base. It was used as a perfume, stimlulant, relaxant, headache reliever, breath freshener, air freshener, bath oil, and body wash among other things(Sullivan 1994). Florida Water can still be found today, although the bottles now tend to be made of plastic.

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