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Creamware plate


Ware Category:Refined Earthenware
Alternate Names: Leeds Ware, Queen's Ware


Country of Origin: England
Manufacture Date Range: 1762 to 1820 (Miller et al. 2000)


General Description: Early creamware generally has a cream-white body with a light clear glaze that has a deep yellow to yellow-green tinge to it. Late creamware has a glaze that has a less green and more yellowish tinge to it. (NoAuthor)
Decoration Types:Hand-Painted Early Palette, Edgeware (feather edge), Factory-Made Slipware, Transfer Print, Moulded, Pierced
Body Colour: White to light cream colored, porous
Glaze Colour: Clear with a yellowish green tint
Glaze Character: Thin lead glaze


Vessel Forms: Teaware, Tableware, Toiletware

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