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Culture(s)  ??
Temporal Period(s) Pre-Dorset Period

Summary Details

Location: Cape Bathurst Peninsula, Northwest Territories, Canada (Approx. 70° 12' 52" N, 127° 17' 60" W)
Period: Pre-Dorset Period
Date Range: circa 725 BC to 675 BC (Le Blanc 1994)


Research History

Site Discovery

  • Documented as part of a systematic survey of the Cape Bathurst ((Le Blanc 1994)
    • Identified from surface scatter of faunal and lithic material

Major Finds/Insights

Current Investigations

Formation and Occupational History

  • Multiple radiocarbon dates on caribou bone circa 2500 BP: details here
  • RCD: Crane Site 2512 +/- 40 BP - weighted average (Le Blanc 1994)
    • Calibrated to circa 750 BC
  • Duration and number of occupations is unclear

Material Culture

Le Blanc 1994:

General Notes

Site Map


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