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Culture(s)  ??
Temporal Period(s) Late Archaic Period

Summary Details

Location: Burlington, Ontario, Canada (Approx. 43° 19' 50" N, 79° 49' 18" W)
Period: Late Archaic Period
Date Range:


  • Helps define the spatial distribution of Perkiomen broadpoint projectile points.

Research History

Site Discovery & Investigations

  • Roberts (1976) - surface collection
  • Ambrose (1982) - surface collection, block excavation

Major Finds/Insights

Current Investigations

  • None - the site was destroyed by development

Formation and Occupational History

Material Culture

  • Bursey (1994) provides an analysis of the lithic assemblage, a content summary of which is provided below.
Debitage 1230
Cores and Fragments 11
Retouched Flakes 33
Biface Fragments & Tools 12
Rough and Groundstone 1

General Notes

Site Map

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