Cayley Series

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Peck & Ives 2001:
Basal Shape:
Hafting Modification:
Edge Shape:
Other Notes:


Source Peck & Ives 2001
Length D 20.64 mm +/- 5.34 mm
Blade Width D 12.63 mm +/- 2.15 mm
Thickness D 3.38 mm +/- 0.67 mm
Base Width D 12.63 mm +/- 2.15 mm
Notch Depth D 1.8 mm +/- 0.66 mm
Notch Height D 3.21 mm +/- 1.06 mm
Shoulder Height D 6.45 mm +/- 1.39 mm


Technological Notes

Geographical Distribution

Temporal-Cultural Affiliation

  • circa 1250 to 650 BP

Map of sites where Cayley Series specimens have been reported

Note: In the interest of protecting our shared cultural heritage from those who would do it harm, intentional or otherwise, only approximate site locations are provided here.

Archaeological Contexts

Notable Sites/Components

Peck & Ives 2001:

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