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As a primarily archaeological project, ArchaeoWiki textual style ought to default to the requirements outlined in the SAA Style Guide. For preferences not covered here, the Chicago Manual of Style may be used as a guide.

Please see the SAA Style Guide for information on how to cover numbers, measurements, mathematical formulae, dates, jargon spelling, quotations, italics, capitalization, hyphenation, abbreviations and accents. These style guidelines help maintain internal consistency within ArchaeoWiki content as well as conform text to the language common in academic archaeological publications. Though this wiki consists of community-maintained online content, sharing information in the same format as its sources legitimizes a user's contributions to ArchaeoWiki, gives the discipline internal consistency, and helps prevent mistakes related to information transfer.

Key notes to remember, and examples to keep in mind:

  • Please use metric, not imperial, measurements.
  • Citations in the format of: (Author year:page)
  • Some preferred spelling conventions:
    • artifact
    • et al.

ArchaeoWiki is intended as a useful learning tool for scholars and enthusiasts alike. As such, colloquialisms or casual internet language will not be tolerated.

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