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ArchaeoWiki aims to provide an inclusive context wherein amateur, professional and academic archaeologists can come together to share and discuss knowledge. To that end, the administrators are dedicated to protecting the hard work of its membership from spammers, trolls, and other internet riff-raff who find such joy in ruining the collective experience. In fact, within mere hours of establishing the preliminary version of ArchaeoWiki, over two dozen false accounts were created by bots who wasted no time in posting advertisements on the site's as yet unprotected pages. Efficiency, thy name is Internet Advertising.

In order to protect ArchaeoWiki from unsolicited and/or inappropriate modification, registration as a Collaborator is required for editing-level access. Anyone may view ArchaeoWiki's pages, but only Collaborators and Administrators can modify and add pages. Furthermore, the nature of the MediaWiki platform is such that Administrators are able to remove user-specific content quickly and easily. Content that is added, erased, or modified inappropriately can always be removed, retrieved, or reverted.

How to Register on ArchaeoWiki

To register, follow this accounts link, fill in the required fields, and submit your request. An Administrator will review your application and approve your Collaborator status provided you appear to be a real person.

If you have any questions about the registration and/or login process, please contact [email protected]

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