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The ArchaeoWiki Project and all text included with this wiki falls under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Share Alike 4.0 License (CC BY-NC-SA). This "copyleft" license allows for free access and use of content that is added to ArchaeoWiki pages, where the content may be shared so long as the same terms of copy as the parent document are maintained for subsequent projects. Content may not be used for commercial purposes, and if brought outside the ArchaeoWiki space, original authorship must be noted (see below for specifications).

CC BY-NC-SA creates a creative space for article authors to share their knowledge of archaeological subject matter and for others to build upon these works while simultaneously being assured that their work will never be used for someone else's profit. Simultaneously, visitors are able to freely consume and enjoy wiki content.

ArchaeoWiki Content

When adding content to ArchaeoWiki, your words and work are included under the CC BY-NC-SA license in use on all web pages. You grant permission for your work to be shared, adapted, and used freely and publically as stated by the license terms.

Article text submitted to ArchaeoWiki is available for non-commercial public use and may be shared elsewhere provided the CC BY-NC-SA license covers it. In these situations, original authorship must be acknowledged in the form of a name, link, URL back to ArchaeoWiki plus date of retrieval.

ArchaeoWiki has in place a strict system of referencing sources based on academic documentation. All information must follow from these outside sources and guidelines must be followed. Please refer to the referencing guidelines for information on how to manage direct quotations in articles.

Original ArchaeoWiki site designs are copyright

Images and Other Media

Though content on ArchaeoWiki may be covered under CC BY-NC-SA licensing, it is still prohibited to upload or contribute media such as text or images that you do not have permission to distribute, such as graphics from a textbook that require the author's permission to share.

When sharing personally-created images to ArchaeoWiki articles, these images then fall under the terms of sharing as stated in the CC BY-NC-SA and are subject to public consumption in this manner.

Contributors' Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of article contributors to ensure that no copyrighted material – text, images, or otherwise – is uploaded to ArchaeoWiki without express permission from its copyright holder, and ensuring the holder understands the terms of our chosen creative commons license.

Content in the public domain or as licensed under a compatible Creative Commons license may be incorporated here; in the latter situation the original authorship must be noted and linked.

Information is never copyrighted, merely the manner of its expression. ArchaeoWiki Project has created a space for democratic sharing of archaeological information and it is imperative that contributors express this information in their own words and subject to the directives of the Project.

If you suspect ArchaeoWiki content to be in violation of another’s copyright holding, a good course of action would be to either bring it up on the page’s comments section or to email the administrators at [email protected]

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