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Culture(s)  ?
Temporal Period Terminal Archaic


Expanding stemmed or broadly corner-notched small points.


Basal Shape: Excurvate
Hafting Modification: Expanding stem or broad corner-notching
Edge Shape: Excurvate
Other Notes:


Source no data
Length no data
Width no data
Thickness no data
W/L Ratio no data
Edge Angle no data
Inter-Notch Width no data
Stem Width no data


Onondaga Chert

Technological Notes

  • Ace-of-Spades bifaces may be knives whereas smaller Innes points are projectiles (Kenyon 1980:109).
  • According to Kenyon (1980), Crawford Knoll, Ace-of-Spades, Innes and Hind are perhaps best regarded as variations on the same general form rather than discrete types.

Geographic Distribution

Map of sites where Ace-of-Spades specimens have been reported

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Note: In the interest of protecting our shared cultural heritage from those who would do it harm, intentional or otherwise, only approximate site locations are provided here.

Temporal-Cultural Affiliation

Terminal Archaic Period (ca. 1300 BC - 900 BC)

Archaeological Contexts

Notable Sites/Components

A single Ace-of-Spades point was recovered from the Crawford Knoll Site (Kenyon 1980).

Similar Point Types

Ellis, C. J. et al. 1990


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