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Dr. Andrew T.R. Riddle
B.A., Anthropology, University of Waterloo (2004)
PhD., Anthropology, University of Toronto (2010)

I am co-founder of ArchaeoWiki (with Amy Fox) and have been exploring my passion for archaeology since my first university undergraduate courses in 2000. My areas of interest are diverse, but some of my favourite topics include:

  • Information Sharing and Dissemination (obviously)
  • Lithic and Composite Technologies
  • North American Great Lakes Region Prehistory
  • Canadian Arctic Prehistory
  • Three-Dimensional Modelling & Analysis
  • Hunter-Gatherer Mobility Strategies
  • Ancient Social Networks and Learning Communities

I have 17 years experience in Cultural Resource Management in Ontario as a field archaeologist and project manager. As a licensed professional archaeologist in Ontario, I manage a variety of projects involving property survey, site assessment, and mitigation across the province. Through this work, I have a chance to investigate sites that collectively span more than 10,000 years of northeastern North America's past.

My academic research experience comprises two field seasons in Nunavut, Canada, as part of the Iqaluktuuq Project under the direction of Dr. Max Friesen. My dissertation research, a product of this project, concerns Palaeo-Eskimo lithic technological change at Iqaluktuuq.

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