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Author Epstein, J.F.
Year 1963
Title The Burin-Faceted Projectile Point
Journal/Newsletter American Antiquity
Volume 29
Issue 2
Pages 187-201

Epstein, J.F.
1963 The Burin-Faceted Projectile Point. American Antiquity 29(2):187-201.

A series of Paleo-Indian and Archaic projectile points with burin facets at either the proximal or distal end is described. Most of the points come from Texas. The burin facets appear to be intentional products of the burin technique, used either for the production of burins and burin spalls, or for modifying the shape of the point itself. Paleo-Indian point types with burin facets include Clovis, Cumberland, Folsom, Plainview, Meserve, Angostura, and a number of variant forms. The data suggest that the burin or the burin technique may have been widespread throughout North America during early fluted-point times.

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