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Artifact: Stone Tool
Class Flaked Stone
Culture(s) Various
Temporal Period {{{5}}}



Use on other Artifact Types


Differentiating from unintentioned breaks

  • "A break usually shows a slightly "rolled" surface, and one edge of the break has a sharp lip or depression as a result of the two pieces hinging apart (Epstein 1960). A burin facet, however, has very sharp edges and often a slightly concave surface. A negative bulb of percussion just below the striking point is usually considered diagnostic of the burin technique because it indicates that a burin blow has been struck"(Epstein 1963:194)

Identifying via usewear

  • "...the absence of use-retouching is not conclusive, for many burins fail to show this feature even when made of obsidian (Epstein: 1962)"(Epstein 1963:197)
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