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Author Rutherford, Douglas E.
Year 1990
Title Reconsidering the Middlesex Burial Phase in the Maine-Maritime Region
Journal/Newsletter Canadian Journal of Archaeology
Volume 14
Pages 169-191

Rutherford, Douglas E.
1990 Reconsidering the Middlesex Burial Phase in the Maine-Maritime Region. Canadian Journal of Archaeology 14:169-191.

This article discusses the significance of the presence of five Middlesex burials in the Maine-Maritime Region (Augustine, McKinlay, Minister’s Island, Mason Site and Skora Sites). These burial mounds date from approximately 3000 to 1800 BP, with the earliest dates coming from Augustine Mound in New Brunswick. Although burial mounds demonstrate influence from Adena people, there is little evidence to support the idea of any migration of Adena people. There is an absence of Adena settlement types and the burial mounds present in the Maine-Maritime Region are more likely manifestations of mortuary ritual from the Early Ceramic Period and diffusion of Adena ideology in to the region. Since there is no evidence for migration, it would be inappropriate to call the culture adopted by the inhabitants of the Maritimes Middlesex.

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