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Author Jaratt, Tricia L..
Year 2013
Title The Augustine Mound Copper Sub-assemblage: Beyond the Bead
Degree Masters Degree
Department Anthropology
Institution University of New Brunswick
City Fredericton, NB

Jaratt, Tricia L..
2013 The Augustine Mound Copper Sub-assemblage: Beyond the Bead. Masters Degree Thesis, Anthropology, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB.

This is a dissertation by a Masters candidate from the University of New Brunswick written in 2013. Copper artifacts (a sample of 1666) from Augustine Mound in New Brunswick were examined through the chaîne opératoire analysis. 96% of the copper items from the Augustine Site were categorized as copper tubes, but also included nuggets, altered nuggets and blanks, sheets, cones, and rods. Close analysis of the copper artifacts, especially in regards to their production, reveals sharp contrasts from the material culture of Augustine Mound to that of the Ohio River Valley Adena material culture. A chaîne opératoire including procurement, transport, manufacture, use, recycling, and discard/deposit is proposed. In conclusion, the author proposes a new typology of copper beads found at Augustine Mound and differentiates this assemblage from what is conceived of as Adena sub-assemblages.

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