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Author Allen, Patricia M.
Year 1980
Title The Oxbow Site: Chronology and Prehistory in Northeastern New Brunswick
Degree Masters Degree
Department Anthropology
Institution Memorial University of Newfoundland
City St. John's, NL

Allen, Patricia M.
1980 The Oxbow Site: Chronology and Prehistory in Northeastern New Brunswick. Masters Degree Thesis, Anthropology, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's, NL.

This Masters Dissertation is based on excavations conducted on the Oxbow Site of New Brunswick in 1978. It was discovered while survey and excavations were taking place at Augustine Mound, found less than 1 km away. Excavations revealed continuous cultural (occupational) layers dating from approximately 2800 BP with ceramic and lithic findings. The findings were used to create a regional chronology. The projectile point sequence is divided into six phases as is the ceramic sequence, for which the analysis is based on analysis of rim treatment, rim profiles and lip treatment. Analysis leads to the conclusion that early occupants of the area had some connections with Early Woodland Meadowood peoples. By 2600 BP, Adena assemblages appear predominantly and eventually develop local ceramic traditions. It seems that these people that are ancestors to modern Mi’kmaq people since the archaeology indicates that the inhabitants remained in the area for 2000 years with very little external influence.

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